Many times, we face difficult days in which it seems that we are not capable of moving forward. However, there is always a next step. It is at this point that this song is born. It is a way of telling the world that there is nothing that can’t stop you as long as we have that hunger. Above all, it is an invitation to the world to say, “Just go for it”
The social isolation that most of us have experienced as a consequence of the global pandemic has altered the way in which we relate to each other and the frustration of losing that personal touch with your friends and loved ones. This playful composition speaks about the yearning for simple touch and human connection.
This song in particular is dedicated to my father. It is probably the most personal song of all in this album. Above all, it is an instrument through which I have done my own catharsis, a pouring out of emotions that has allowed me to move on and to continue growing.
This song is a powerful statement about empowerment in the face of adversity. I’m pretty sure we have all been standing at a point in our lives when you feel a little abused and need to stand up for yourself. This is a song deeply derived from past experiences and a quest for finding the balance between standing up for yourself and being patient.
This song is a kind of that silent scream that sometimes we keep inside so nobody hears … so we end up giving up control (or the illusion of control) and that turns out to be the best option. It often happens that we feel that we fly low, but we finally learn how to come back up and soar even higher.
Talking about putting yourself together. This is a song about redemption, a song about healing. I think most of my songs speak on the positive side of things, even though I tend to be more in the deep side of feelings. I try to make my songs fun by incorporating electronica and dance elements to them. Even when I’m writing lyrics about complex issues, I still enjoy making them fun and exciting to hear and dance to.

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