HUMMINGBIRD - My latest proyect

The creation of HUMMINGBIRD has been a very rewarding and fulfilling experience for me. It has helped me to find a sense of self as a musician. It has also been a great step in the development of my sound. For some years now, I have been fortunate enough to stay active in music, which is one of my truly deep passions. 

HUMMINGBIRD is the result of several months of work alongside a new producer in a new recording studio, and it definitely has been a very interesting process. I’ve also had the collaboration of good friends that have helped me with ideas and have set opportunities that have made this album a reality today. I am so excited to share it with all of you now. I hope you like it and enjoy it … and perhaps find yourself, even a little, in some of these songs. I have created them as a testament to some inspiring moments that I have gone through in my life, and that have shaped each one of the songs in the album. 

This album takes its name “Hummingbird” because of the meaning that this little bird has in my life. Each one of the songs in the album have that essence of love for nature, peace, and freedom. The inner sense of peace and happiness that we seek, together with the emotions that lay in it are some of the things that I wanted to capture in the songs. The feelings are diverse, but I think the album is an open invitation to all who listen to be part of nature and to be part of that little piece of me that I offer to you. 

During the process of creating Hummingbird, I had the opportunity to take a trip to Mexico City in order to do a photo session and other stuff for the album. It was a fun experience which culminated in the recording of a music video that I’ll be releasing soon too. I had so much fun with the photography team. It was a little crazy though, walking around the city, looking for a good location to make the shot. I have never felt so alive and nervous at the same time. I think that the final product was excellent and we were able to get the cover shot for the album. It was an overall amazing experience.

During my trip, I was also invited to perform in a show called The Parker Blue Show, which is an internet video/radio show that features bands and musicians. It was so much fun and I also got to perform a few of my songs live. Please make sure to check it out, even if you don’t speak spanish. I think you will find it funny and enjoyable. 

It’s been a very long and fun road but I can finally enjoy the fact that the full album is finished and it’s here for your listening pleasure. I am very happy to have completed this project but also very happy with the journey that it took. If you want to obtain one of these babies, you can do so from my Yunibrí.com website or by messaging me personally in social media. You can choose between the online version that you can download or the physical album which has some other nice features like photos and such. If you are interested, you can also follow me on most social networks.… Twitter… Instagram… Patreon where you can subscribe and be informed of my new special projects, adventures and other things. You can also read my blog, which is on my website and I will tell you about my little flying adventures as well. I really hope that you have enjoyed this and I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you. 

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